Discover radiant skin with Dove© Glowing Body Wash. Infused with the scent of mango butter and almond butter, the moisturizing formula wraps you in a juicy, creamy, fragranced lather, reviving dull skin in just one shower and giving you a moment of pampering care with every use.

It’s enriched with Microbiome Nutrient Serum – a unique blend of prebiotics that nourishes your skin’s microbiome, and helps strengthen skin’s natural moisture barrier. The moisturizing formula is sulfate free, paraben free and microbiome gentle.

Conscious choice: Made from 98% biodegradable formula and packaged in a 100% recycled plastic bottle.

How to use
To reveal naturally radiant skin, pour into your palms, rubbing together to create a rich, buttery lather. Then massage the fruity formula all over your body. Rinse off thoroughly to enjoy soft, moisturized and glowing skin.